1907 - 2007
Antoni Cieszyński Izometric rule
100 years of the Breakthrough in Stomatological Radiology

In 1907 a rule of isometrics was published, which was a breakthrough in stomatological radiology that which was coming into being; it made it possible to take real-size X-ray pictures of teeth. It was developed by the Pole Antoni Cieszyński, a professor of stomatology at the Lvov University. After he graduated, he worked in the Stomatological Institute in Munich. He was the author of many technical innovations, including a X-ray cassette for stereoscopic pictures, a holder for extraoral pictures, holders for intraoral pictures, a measurement device for direct reading the distance between the film and the focus, a cap with a plate making it easier to adjust the main beam for typical pictures of the skull. In 1907 he developed the first atlas of stomatological radiology in the world. Cieszyński's activity laid the foundations of stomatological radiology. In 1926 he published his own textbook of stomatological radiology.

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Cieszyński A: Atlas radiologiczny zdjęć dentystycznych. Pierwszy atlas zdjęć rentgenowskich dentystycznych, wystawiony z okazji X Zjazdu Lekarzy i Przyrodników Polskich we Lwowie w 1907-oryginał w zbiorach Dentyst. Uniw. Monachijskiego (A radiological atlas of stomatological pictures. The first radiological atlas of stomatological pictures - its original in the archives of the Stomatological University, Munich)